Volunteer Information:  Is there a role for you?

Northbrook School uses many volunteers during the school year, and we are fortunate to have a large group of parents and other members of the community who maintain a keen interest in our school and its programs and activities.

Some volunteers work in the school each week and help teachers by preparing materials,  reading with children, or helping children during their computer time.

Some volunteers help by joining us for special events.  They  drive students on class trips and help with the supervision at these special programs.  Sometimes, a volunteer will join us to share a special artistic or literary talent that she/he may have.

A third group of volunteers help us with the formal committee structure at the school.  These volunteers serve on the various committees like the Home and School Association and the School Advisory Council.

A fourth group of volunteers, usually parents in individual classes, bake for class events or gather materials that the teacher may need.  They help the teacher with whatever she/he needs.

A fifth group is the corporate volunteers who  give of their time and resources because their employer feels it is important to give to the community.

Volunteers are very important people in our school.  If you can help in any of the above ways, or in others not mentioned, please contact your child's teacher, or the school office.