Special Events Reporters:    Cody,  Jennifer, Kristen,  Pierre.
March 4, 2002.

The Grade Primary students taped a recording of Five Little Pumpkins and it was played over the PA system at Hallowe'en.  In November, they recited a poem at the Remembrance Day Assembly, and in February were able to celebrate the 100th Day of School.  In March, the Primaries are looking forward to the Brown Bag Olympics as they develop their "healthy recess snacks" lessons.

The Grade One students are learning about the Irish at the moment.  They are reading Irish Folktales and learning about those little green men called leprechauns.  That's the luck of the Irish!

The Grade Twos recently celebrated the 100th Day of School with the presentation of their 100's collections.  They have learned about African History in February, and prepared for Math Night, when parents came to school and their children showed them what they were learning in Math.

The Grade Threes are studying "our community," and will have two speakers who will talk about their roles in the community.  "Our community" is the Social Studies theme that develops through the early grades.

The Grade Fours are studying Egyptian life and people.  They are designing a slide show for their PowerPoint presentations.  The grade fours are also learning to write in hieroglyphics.
In Science, they are doing experiments with sound, and in Social Studies, they are learning about African Americans.
In Health, the grade fours are making models of the human body using paper, and in Math, they are working on division and probability.

The Grade Five students are currently finishing their PowerPoint learning projects.  These projects show what the students have researched about the provinces and territories in Canada.

Mr. MacLean's Grade Six students are doing some fund-raising for their end-of-year class trip.  They have $2.00 almond chocolate bars and would appreciate it very much if you would buy one because they are trying to raise $900.00.  Their other special event at the moment is the mini winter Olympics which they are holding in the gym.  We hope they do well.

Resource:  There's a lot of work done in Resource.  Everyone likes to read in Resource and the most popular books are Magic Key and Zack Files.  Students also work on writing and spelling, and some work on Math.

Gym:  Intramurals are held as follows:
        Tuesday -- Girls in 4-5-6
        Thursday -- Boys in 4-5-6

Mrs. Lamoureux is our  new Caretaker at Northbrook School.  She is doing a wonderful job keeping the school nice and clean.  It is very helpful when the students do their part to keep the school clean.  So far, Mrs. Lamoureux is very pleased with the help she gets, adding that " It just needs a little TLC."  Mrs. Lamoureux does the Gym every morning, and says that good weather plays a big part in making her work easier.  She also says, " I can't stand dust!"  Welcome to Mrs. Lamoureux.