Special Events Report -- April 2002.

Reporters: Brandon, Patrick, Robyn F.

Fine Arts Program


Grade Primary students will make paper mache puppets.

Grade One students will make magic beetles.

The Grade Fives are working on mystery scenes.

The Grade sixes are working on famous Canadian artists and painting.


The Grade Six Band played with other local first year band students in an area wide concert on April 10 at Bicentennial School.  They were terrific!

On April 25, the grade six students will give a mini concert for the grade fives as the grade fives think about taking band next year.


The Choir will be performing at Prince Andrew High around the end of April.  They will perform two songs on their own, and two more with the other Dartmouth choirs.

Specialist Areas


The Grade Ones have been working on the the book called, “ A Giraffe and a Half.”  There will soon be a castle on display and that will be followed by a Titantic display.

Phys Ed:

Intramurals are at 12:45 on Tuesday’s for girls, and on Thursday’s for boys.  Volleyball Club for Grade Six students began on April 9, 2002.

The Floor Hockey League is underway and Mr. MacLean is looking to another great year.

Music P-3:

P-2’s are doing a lot of movement and rhythmic activities.

They are completing a work booklet on their new song. “Bounce High, Bounce Low.”

They are going to write music on staff paper.

Grade Three’s are doing well with their recorders.  They know three notes and can play simple melodies.  


Grade Fours are presenting their animal projects and will begin a unit on clowns.

Grade Fives are giving their endangered animals presentations and are starting a new unit on Aliens.

Grade Sixes are doing their projects about careers.


Hackmatack voting will take place the week of April 15.

Grade 4-6 students in the Club may vote.

Grade Fours are working on bibliographies.

Spotlight on Reading continues.

We are expecting three authors to visit in May and early June.

Classroom Programs

Grade Primary students are:

Completing their Brown Bag Olympics for healthy recess snacks.

(Gold 139, Silver 114, Bronze 23.)

Working on measurement and exploring with different materials.

Thank you to Rebecca and Jenny for their continuing work on the play, “Mortimer.”

Grade One
students are:

Getting ready to hatch butterflies.

Using boxes and tubes in Math to make structures

Learning about communities

Had a great time skating.

Grade Two
students are:

Hatching chicks and ducklings.

Went skating with the Grade Ones at the Sportsplex.

Started “Spotlight on Reading” as part of Active Young Readers.

Doing great Science experiments with air.

Working on their essay letters.

Grade Three students are:

Making Canadian Passports and studying Early Pioneers.

Creating portraits for their passports with the help of Mrs. Schlick.

Thankful for the support from their classroom volunteers – Mrs. Amaral, Mrs. Hillier, and Mrs. Jennex.

Grade Four students are:

Studying fractions and decimals in Math and Light in Science.

Learning about Egypt.

Will be making models of King Tut’s Tomb.

Doing novel studies.

Completed their Hepatitis B Immunization Clinics.

Making models of the human body systems.

On their fourth trip around the classroom in “Bookworms.”

Grade Five students are:

Reading “The Ghost of Lunenburg Manor” and would like to visit there.

Beginning the Playground Buddy training with Mrs. Keith.

Waiting for Jesse to visit on April 26.

Grade Six students are:

Going to the North End Library to be part of a poetry workshop.

Have student teacher, Mr. Thomas, with them until September 25.

Have two more fund-raisers for their year-end-trip.

Are organizing the Floor Hockey League.

Are studying the book, Anne of Green Gables.