Rules Of Conduct for Northbrook School

Student Rights and Responsibilities


  Students have the right to:                                    Students have the responsibility to:

Be treated with respect and compassion.              Treat others with respect and compassion in this school.

Be safe in this school.                                           Respect others as individuals at school or when traveling
                                                                              to and from school.

Hear and be heard in this school.                          Listen and help maintain a calm learning climate.

Learn in a pleasant school environment.               Respect personal and school property.

Be themselves in school – free from bias, prejudice and intolerance.
        Learn about others and to respect individual differences and            cultures

Parents’ Responsibilities

Ø   It is the Parents’ responsibility to provide a home environment that encourages positive attitudes toward school and promotes effective learning as well as appropriate behavior.

Ø   It is the Parents’ responsibility to recognize that the development of good discipline, self-esteem and learning arises from a strong partnership between school and home.

Ø   It is the Parents’ responsibility to become familiar with the curriculum, activities and policies of the school.

Ø   It is the Parents’ responsibility to demonstrate constructive attitudes toward school and its programs by supporting and cooperating with the teaching staff.