June 4, 2002.

School Advisory Council:

The SAC held a meeting on May 29 to solicit input regarding the current School Improvement Plan.  The SAC wishes to thank all who attended and the suggestions will be reviewed at the SAC’s June meeting.

Yard Clean-up:

The Home and School Association organized a successful Yard Clean-up Day, on Saturday, May 25.  Approximately 35 people were in attendance.  Lots of garbage was collected from the playground area and the lines for the playground games were refreshed.

Primary Registration / Orientation:

The school will welcome the new primaries who live within our boundaries on June 4th.  In addition to the various registration and health checks, the children will have a chance to visit the grade primary classroom.

Excel Lunch Program:

Excel supervisors are always looking for substitutes  for the lunch program.  You may apply at the Board Offices at 90 Alderney Drive.

The Excel offices will be closed from July 1 to August 12.

Late registration will be held on August 20th for Excel.

Next Year:

We are making our plans for next year and have been for some time.  Like you, we are waiting for the decision from the Court of Appeal.  We will advise you as soon as we know something.

By the end of next week, we hope to know more about our staffing situation for next year.  We do know that our student numbers have declined by 28 within-boundary students.  That means that we will have one fewer classroom teacher next year because classroom teachers are assigned on a formula basis.

Out-of-Area students:

Around the middle of June, we will make our decision regarding out-of-area requests to attend this school.  Since staffing allocations are based on within-boundary students, and since we have been reduced by one teacher because our numbers have decreased significantly, it will be difficult for us to accept many, if any, out-of-area requests.  We will advise all parents who have submitted out-of-area requests of our decision by the end of June.

June Dates / Check for Notices:  

There are many school-wide events in June.  There are many individual classroom events.  Please watch for notices in your child’s bookbag.  More details will follow.

June 5             7:00pm            Final Home and School Meeting for the year.

June 11             3:45               Final SAC meeting for the year.

June 17            pm                   Audrey and Alex will perform

June 18            pm                   Fun Day

June 20            6:00pm            Ice Cream Social

June 21                                    Marking Day – No classes for students.

June 24            am                   Sportsplex and picnic

June 27                                    Marking Day – No classes for students.

June 28                                    Last Day for students.

A Message from Girl Guides:

Registration for the next exciting year of guiding will be held on AUGUST 22-23 from 4:00-8:00pm in the lobby of the IGA on Wyse Road.  Guiding has been an active part of the North Dartmouth community since 1930 when the first unit was opened by Vivian Dorey.  Members of guiding enjoy a number of activities leading to FUN, CHALENGE AND ADVENTURE, as well as actively participate in LOCAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SERVICE.  We would love to have you as a member, whether you are 5 or 95, either as a YOUTH MEMBER, A VOLUNTEER OR AS A LEADER.  There is something for everyone.  For further information, please call: Debbie McAvoy at 465-3221 or Sandy Reesor at 466-4341. 

Thank you:

We have worked to have a successful school year and it has been a success.  In any school, or in any organization where there are a lot of people, there can be ups and downs.  However, we have had a great year and we are looking forward to a great June to wrap it up.  Thank you for helping us to be successful!