April 3, 2002.

Parent Conference:

The next parent–teacher conference for this school year is scheduled for April18, 2002. Appointments may be scheduled between 2:00-4:00pm and 5:00-8:00pm.  Please contact Mrs. Potter at the school office (464-2064) to make a 10 minute appointment.  Should you require a longer time to speak with the teacher, please contact the teacher directly.

Telephone Numbers:

Please be careful when dialing the school number.  It would appear that the person who uses the number that is very similar to the school number receives many calls that aren’t for him.  He has asked that I pass this information along to you.

Registration for Grade Primary:

We continue to register new grade primary students who live within our boundaries.  Again, if any of your friends / neighbours who live within our boundaries and who have not registered, please ask them to contact Mrs. Potter at the office.

Out-of Area Requests for Registration:

We have received requests for out-of-area placement in our school.  According to the prescribed process, we will review the applications and contact the parents, after the budget is passed and the staffing allocations are made.  This contact usually happens in June.  It is important to note that we do not count out-of-area registrations in our numbers for staffing purposes.  We can only look at out-of-area students after we know how many teachers we have for the next school year.

Scheduled Events:

April     6            9:30am - Grade Six Band Practice at Bicentennial

9                    Grade Four Hep B Clinic in the afternoon

10                7:00pm - Band Concert at Bicentennial

12          Northbrook Family Celebration

24                Home and School

May     3            In-Service Day