March 4, 2002.


March Break:

March Break will be held next week, March 11-15 inclusive.  Students will return to classes on March 18, 2002.  We hope the weather will be good, so the children will have the opportunity to play outside.

Styles of Dress:


As part of the work of the Students’ Activity Committee, each morning this week, students will have the opportunity to dress in different styles.  For your information in assisting with the process, the week looks like this.  These alternate styles of dress for the morning are optional.

Tuesday is “Backwards Dress”  morning.  Students may choose to wear their clothing inside/outside/upside down, whatever they can manage and still participate in their schoolwork.

Wednesday is “Career Dress” morning.  Students are invited to dress to look like someone in an occupation they might choose when they finish school.

Thursday is “Bad Hair” morning.  Students may choose a different hair style from what they would normally wear.

Friday is “Green” morning.  Since we won’t be in school for the wearing of the green, this day has been chosen as a substitute.



We have had many students out with the flu during February.  We have also had a recently reported case of viral pneumonia with one of the Primary students.  It is so easy to catch and develop illnesses at this time of year.  If you suspect that your child’s general health / illness is different from usual, please consult with a physician.

Northbrook Home Page:

I anticipate that the Northbrook School home page will be operational later this week.  We have tried to put together information that is useful in terms of our operation.  We will add some colour and texture at a later date.  When the site is operational, you will be able to find it at <>