February 18, 2002.

Primary Registration:

As of February 15th, only nine children have registered to join us in Grade Primary in the Fall. 

Two weeks ago, we sent home a note inviting parents who live in our boundaries to register their children for next year’s Grade Primary class.  Please pass along our registration invitation to parents who may not have children in our neighbourhood school. 

It is very important for us to have an accurate registration during the month of February.  First of all, we get to know who is coming.  Secondly, we have the opportunity to access any additional supports that may be required for these students.  (It is much more difficult to access additional services after the school year has started.)  Thirdly, our staffing allocation is based on the number of local students who register during the month of February.  We need 20+ registrations from within the neighbourhood by February 28th.  Please spread the word.

We also register our Northbrook neighbourhood children who wish to attend the Early French Immersion Program, but they do not count in our totals.  

Report Cards:

I had the opportunity to read over 100 of the First Term Report Cards that went home on Tuesday, February 12.  It is easy to see that our students have accomplished much over the first term.  Formal learning is a cooperative effort and if everyone does his/her part, great success can be achieved.  Thank you to all – students, parents, and staff!

Curriculum Presentation:

            The Northbrook School staff members are preparing a Math Curriculum presentation for Thursday, February 28th at 6:30 pm.  We look forward to seeing you and the children.  The purpose of the program is provide you with the opportunity to work on the various types of Math activities prescribed to meet the Department of Education Math Outcomes.  This is a participation program, so come along and have some Math fun with us.

100th Day of School:

This week, the Grade Two’s will display their 100’s collections in the gym.  The Grade Primary and One students will have some 100th Day activities in their classroom.  It’s a big day.  Good luck!

We are so lucky:

We have a group of volunteers who work with us in and out of the school on a regular basis.  Their commitment allows us to do more than we could otherwise do.  Thank you so much!

Hockey Finale:

The make up date and final appearance for the Northbrook Hockey League will be March 1.  Thanks to Mr. MacLean and the parents who have helped to make this possible.

Valentine’s Dance:

The Home and School hosted a successful dance on Saturday past.  The silent auction seems to have generated a lot of interest.  Thanks to all who attended and all who served.  The event raised about $2000.00.

Dress for Success:

In our scenario, this should read dress for the weather.  Our weather will continue to fluctuate over the next while.  We have noticed that some of the children seem to think the warm weather has arrived.  We still need winter coats, hats and gloves.  So, please check this out for us at home. 

Safe Arrival:

Please call 464-2064 before 9:00am to report student absences.  The voice mail will take your message if Mrs. Potter is unavailable.

Library / Author:

            We have had local authors visit the Library and work with our students over the year.  This week, Mary-Jane Hampton will work with our students in Grades 5 and 6.

March Break / Easter:

The next breaks in the school calendar will come soon.  March Break will be held from March 11-15th and March 29 (Good Friday) and April 1 (Easter Monday) follow shortly after.