News: February 5, 2002.

Itís Registration Time for the Fall of 2002!

You may have seen the Halifax Regional School Boardís advertisement in the weekend paper regarding registration for next year.  Now is the time for families who live in our school area to register their 5 year olds for next yearís grade primary class.  We will register our local children, both for our own English program, and for the Early French Immersion program that is currently held at Shannon Park School. 

Please contact Mrs. Potter in the School Office at 464-2064 as early as possible, but no later than February 28.  While we may register students after that date, the School Board does not provide the same options regarding space and staff.  These February registrations are used to determine staffing ratios in our school and it is important that they are as accurate as possible.

Please tell your neighbours who have five year olds, but who may not have any students in this school, that it is time to register.  It is important that these parents receive this message.

Requirements for registration are:       address within our boundaries
                                                    childís birth certificate
proof of address                                                                                                                       immunization records

( Please call and give us the name of your child, even if you donít have all your papers ready.)

We will hold an orientation program later in the Spring and we will provide registered families with information regarding the orientation program at a later date.  At that time, the Health Nurses will require a copy of your childís immunization records.  We suggest that you start the process now to acquire the immunization records in preparation for orientation / formal registration.

Registration for students entering Junior High School :

We will register our current grade six students at Bicentennial Junior High School because that is our designated junior high school.  Parents do not have to register the children.  However, if you are a parent / guardian of a grade six student and you wish for your child to attend a junior high school other than Bicentennial, please advise us.

Quick Notes:

Report Cards will be given out on Tuesday, February 12.

Thanks!  We collected $273.00 for UNICEF.